"Increased production efficiency" - Transport refrigeration

GAH's transport refrigeration systems require plastic covers for units both on the roof and in the loadspace of the vehicle. They had previously experienced problems with poor product quality and consistency - read here how CWP were able to help provide the solution

In the direct drive refrigeration market, GAH are the supplier of choice for transport refrigeration systems. Their systems require plastic covers for units both on the roofs of the vehicles and in the loadspace. For 18 years GAH have had plastic covers made by a sub-contractor, done to GAH’s own design. 


The challenge

In recent years, GAH had experienced problems with poor product quality and consistency from their supplier.  These had escalated to a level where the issues were having a significant impact on GAH’s ability to meet customer demands.
GAH believed the issues they were dealing with were a direct result of the price they were paying for the covers. However, an initial conversation with CWP identified that this was not necessarily the case.


The CWP solution

CWP immediately identified the scale and scope of the problems that GAH were experiencing, and proposed an alternative solution, which they have been able to consistently deliver. The CWP solution has ensured that for virtually the same price, GAH now receive far higher quality products that meet the requirements of both GAH and their customers.
Bob Peak, Engineering Director for GAH, singled out the experience of working with CWP’s technical staff as being particularly outstanding:

“CWP work to a very high standard, and the team’s knowledge of the process and how to reliably mould parts is far superior to any service we have received before.
Their understanding of our product requirements made the whole experience a painless process. Having worked with members of the CWP team previously, it was an easy decision to give CWP a try.”


The Result

As a consequence for GAH, less time is being wasted on quality issues as the aesthetics and dimensional accuracy of the parts supplied by CWP are so improved. The net result for GAH is an increase in production efficiency through dramatically reduced down time and a many fold improvement in product quality.