Enhancing user experience with new CWP manufacturing investment

The rail and aircraft interior markets are set to realise significant potential from lighter, cost-effective, high-definition plastic parts thanks to our investment in the latest Geiss T10 High Pressure Forming machine.

This latest addition to our range of in-house capabilities is particularly aimed at solving challenging design features, including applications requiring multiple high definition surface textures as well as features such as undercuts, which are challenging via other manufacturing processes.

Higher pressure, lighter weight, lower cost

Our Managing Director Andy McGarry said:

“This is actually an exciting development for many industries, as it will give enhanced options in the pursuit of improved aesthetics in plastic forming, along with potential cost savings from the use of lighter raw materials.”

“We have been working for some time on providing manufacturing capability that produces lightweight, dimensionally-accurate components with improved surface characteristics, in response to requests from our customers, whilst at the same time remaining cost-effective.”


As an example, the high price of tooling in processes such as plastic injection moulding can be prohibitive at smaller volumes (up to 1000 per annum).  Our new high pressure forming equipment will provide opportunities to dramatically cut this expenditure, whilst increasing consistency and shortening time to market.


For More Information

If you are interested in how the latest high pressure forming technology can improve your costs and product range, click here for more information, or here to contact the CWP team.

CWP will also be exhibiting at the industry-renowned Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany (5-7 April 2016, hall B1, stand 1C29), for customers who would like to discuss their requirements with the team there!