COX has been a leading name in the thermoforming industry for more than 75 years

The knowledge of our people, coupled with the spirit of innovation and a desire to push the limits of new technologies make us a valuable partner across each and every industry specialism.


Concept Support

Our approach is that every challenge is an opportunity to experiment, to innovate and to further our skills to the benefit of our customers.


Material Selection

Years of experience and application have given us an unrivalled reputation in advising on the properties and performance potential of a huge range of materials.



COX's expertise in the planning and production of prototype pieces is your shortcut to the right solution. Right on specification. Right on practicality and performance. And right on budget.


Tool Making

Our design, toolmaking and manufacturing services are second to none. From solving complex CNC programming issues to creating intricate jigs and specialist fixtures, the first step of a successful project is speaking to COX.


Vacuum Forming

COX offers a comprehensive range of thermoforming services, including vacuum forming, press forming and line bending.


CNC Machining

Our CNC machining capabilities are high on our list of specialisms. Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise and technology to develop the solution that’s exactly right for you.


High-Pressure Forming

As well as having the skills and experience to push the limits of High Pressure Forming, COX also offers the technology in the shape of its huge GEISS T10 Pressure Former machine.


Injection Moulding

Through our strategic partners, we’re able to offer a fully integrated injection moulding tooling solution, from concept design, to delivery and aftercare.



Through a wide range of high quality Fabrication services, we have the facility to add extra add value for our customers.



We offer our customers a range assembly and sub-assembly services, including painting, screening and shielding. 

See how our partnership and collaboration, coupled with our dynamic approach to technology and testing new ideas works to the benefit of our customers.


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